French Open 2016 With Grand Prize money of €2.1 million

A hike of 14℅ additional increase in the French Open prize money has gained attention these days, pool taking it to massive €32 million ($36m/£25.4m) in total. €2.1 million (£1.6m) will be given to both men’s and women’s singles while runners up scoop home €1m cash prize along with them.

Men & Women singles winner will earn a huge sum of €2.10 million each while the runners up in both men and women singles division are going to take away €1 million for sure. Total prize money allocated for singles event is increased from €19.4 million to massive €21 million (€10.5 for mens singles and €10,5 for women’s event) below is the breakdown of Prize Money in all categories and stages of the competition.

French Open 2016 With Grand Prize money of €2.1 million

In recent times the value of Euro had depreciated in relation to other denominations which had left French Open trailing in terms of monetary form. French authorities thus had to declare a 14% hike in total prize money pool to match other major grand slams. French Open had already increased 2014 and 2015 prize money by +14% and 12.5% respectively and this year’s 14% increase had therefore matched it to compete alongwith Wimbledon and US open.

French Open 2016 Prize money has been increased to total pool of €32 million that is around a whooping €4m increase compared to 2015’s €28.03 million awarded to players. With the new increase men and women singles winners will get €2.1 million each, runners-up will pocket €1m. The increase in prize money is part of the 4 year plan (2013 to 2016) where every year there will be minimum 10% increase taking French Open 2016 Prize Money pool to somewhere between €32-€35 million. Below is the complete breakdown of 2016 Roland Garros Prize Money.

The increment prize money amount is subjected to change two weeks before the tournament. The US Open still holds the tag for offering the highest prize money in all four Grand Slams. Roland Garros is a prestigious tournament where players are built and destroyed. The French Open 2016 is speculated to start on 16th May and would end on 5th June. Also due to the rise in prize money they tend to play well in their upcoming games.


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