Fifa Futsal World Cup 2016 Live Streaming

Fifa Futsal World Cup 2016 live stream –  Futsal is the indoor version of football played unlike the traditional football played on hard grounds. It is officially organized by FIFA and is held between the teams of various countries. This world championship tournament is held every four years. The tournament may also get organized on the even year, between two football World Cups. The first Futsal event was held  It was the year, FIFA became the world governing body of Futsal. Although it is quite interesting to know that till this year, only two teams have managed to lift Futsal World Cup—Brazil and Spain. Brazil has won it five times while Spain has won it two times. In 2008, Brazil won the championship as a host country. It also emerged triumphant in 2012 competition, defeating Spain in the final showdown.

Fifa Futsal World Cup 2016 Live Streaming

Fifa Futsal World Cup 2016 Live Stream

Total 24 teams are  participating in this futsal world cup 2016 and are divided in to six groups thus on each groups total 4 teams are included and total of 52 matches will be played at 3 venues Colombia for a period of 22 days. Until the last Futsal held in 2012 Brazil have been the defending champions in which they defeated Spain 3-2 which was held in Thailand.

Fifa Futsal World Cup 2016 Live Streaming Schedule

10-Sep-16 – Uzbekistan vs Panama Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali, 6:00 PM
10-Sep-16 – Colombia vs Portugal Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali, 8:00 PM
10-Sep-16 – Cuba vs Egyptm Coliseo Iván de Beodut, 4:00 PM
10-Sep-16 – Thailand vs Russia Coliseo Iván de Beodut, 6:00 PM

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